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Types of visas

All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate, proper authorization (invitation) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) or specially authorized travel agencies is required.

While there are many respected travel organizations ready to help you obtain visa support or process your Russian visas, we offer express online services. Upon receipt of your visa support, you may apply for a visa at any Russian Embassy or Consulate worldwide. All online requests are processed immediately by our office in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Choose your Visa Type

We provide visa support for Russian tourist, business single, double and multiple-entry Visas.

Russian Tourist Visa

A visa to the Russian Federation is a document, permitting stay in Russia for 15 days. This visa type is issued to tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business reason. When you know exactly where and how long you will be staying without diverting from your planned itinerary - a tourist visa is best for. For a tourist visa to Russia, you must have confirmed accommodations or transit information for every night of your stay in the country. A visa lists entry/exit dates, your vital information, passport details, and has two photos stapled to it. Please note, that your Russian visa is an exit permit just like it's an entry permit: if you lose it or stay over your designated departure date, leaving the country could be more troublesome than entering it.
We will provide you with visa support invitation to satisfy this requirement and confirming your accommodations/itinerary. No hotel reservations or bookings are needed on your part.

All prices in USD

 Type of Visa Period of making the invitation
3 days 1 day
 Tourist Single Entry up to 30 days 15 25

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Russian Business Visa

This type of Russian visa is issued for travelers, who visit Russia on official or private business. Business visas are best for visitors who do not know their exact itineraries, want to stay in Russia longer than 30 days or need to enter Russia frequently.
Business visas to the Russian Federation may be issued with up to two entries and for up to 90 days. There are also multiple-entry business visas, valid for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with unlimited entries/exits.
We will apply for your official business visa support at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in St. Petersburg and telex it to the Russian Consulate you select or fax or mail it to you after it will be issued.
Business visas for travel to cities/regions below can be obtained only on official invitations processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through its Regional Representative offices. Invitations on business letterheads from the are not accepted as business visa support.

All prices in USD

 Type of Visa Period of making the invitation
30 days
 Single Entry - 1 Month 45
 Single Entry - 3 Month 55
 Double Entry - 1 Month 50
 Double Entry - 3 Months 65
 Multiple Entry - 6 Months 120
 Multiple Entry - 1 Year 145

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Russian Private or Homestay Visa

If the purpose of your trip to Russia is to visit friends or relatives you can apply for a homestay or visitors visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in the Russian Federation for up to 90 days.
Friends or relatives who will host you during your Russian visit will need to obtain a visa invitation for you from a local OVIR (office of visas and registrations). This official invitation will need to be mailed to you. Russian Consulates worldwide accept only original OVIR invitations. Obtaining an OVIR invitation can be a very lengthy and troublesome procedure, and we suggest applying for either tourist or business visa instead.

Russian Transit Visa

A Russian Transit Visa may be obtained when you are traveling to another country though the Russian territory. For a transit visa, please submit to your local Russian Embassy Consulate an entry visa to the country of destination and a copy of the air, railway or other ticket. If you can't satisfy these requirements, we suggest you apply for a regular tourist visa instead.

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