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Russian Vodka Museum

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Russian Vodka Museum

The Russian Vodka Museum is by right thought of as one of the most unique and impressive museums of Saint Petersburg. Many interesting facts from the history of this national strong drink one never knew before will be offered to visitors here: when and where it was invented, which way and from what people drank it, how to drink vodka, what it is produced from, etc.
The museum is located in the downtown close to St.Isaak Square, in a building that before the Great October Revolution housed the barracks of His Imperial Majesty Leib-Guard Horse Regiment.
The collection is mainly composed of old bowls, jars, and kitchenware. The museum's special pride is the bottles manufactured at the famous vine distilleries of the 19th century. Russian glass and porcelain craftsmen left multiple samples of their eternal art to the descendants, thus proving again that a feast is not just drinking strong drinks but a beautiful ritual, which roots go back over centuries of Russian history.

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