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Western and Eastern aviaries of Peterhof

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Western and Eastern aviaries of Peterhof

Peterhof is so rich in luxurious palaces, fountains and pavilions that there is simply no time and energy for some secondary monuments. However, being here for the first time, it is worth to deviate a little from the beaten paths to get acquainted with the "tidbits" of the imperial heritage. For example, go to the Lower Park. Here, a little apart from the tourist routes, there are two elegant buildings with a very amusing name - the Western and Eastern aviaries. Air pavilions, standing on the shore of a picturesque pond, are rightly called the real adornment of the park.
The famous aviary of the Lower Park (from the French les volieres - poultry houses) are located on two sides of a small Menagerizion pond. These pavilions were erected in the 18th century, namely in the period from 1721 to 1722.
A visitor, step by step strolling along the green alleys of the Lower Park, sooner or later will come out to a small neat pond near whichundefined Sheltered two pavilions, surrounded by greenery. They remind multifaceted arbors, crowned with a dome with a flashlight. The walls of the enclosures are almost entirely glazed openings, due to which much light enters into the interior.
The facade of the pavilions is faced with tuff, oyster shells and so-called "scum" (the material, in fact, the waste that appeared during the smelting of cast iron). The domes are decorated with images of Diana and Actaeon, plant paintings with flowers, leaves and wreaths. The pavilion pavilions are decorated with intricate ornaments.
In 1772, the Eastern aviary was connected with a bathhouse and the Menagerizm garden. In the first quarter of the 19th century, the painting of the Eastern Pavilion was redone, while the original painting in the Western Pavilion remained practically unchanged.

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