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Vorontsov Palace in Saint Petersburg

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Vorontsov Palace in Saint Petersburg

The Vorontsov Palace is located in the heart of the city right opposite Gostiny Dvor Department Store. This building is indeed considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the 18th century. It is worth noting that the Baroque Vorontsov Palace strikes one even from far with its peculiar and abundant carving and stucco work. With more than 50 rooms, the Palace insides are also worth to look at.
This building was built in 1749-1757 by the famous architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli for count Mikhail Votontsov.
The Vorontsov Palace's delicate grille made to Rastrelli's design is unique. It is worth noting that art casting was seldom to use at that time in Russia for architectural purposes.
In 1798, to Paul I decision, the Palace was used as a residence of the Order of Malta and changed its name into the Castle of the Knights of Malta. The Chapel of he Order of Malter appeared therein later on.
Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov enjoyed his time spent in the Vorontsov Palace garden.

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