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Winter Palace

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Winter Palace

The Winter Palace on the Palace Square of St. Petersburg is the main attraction of the northern capital, from 1762 to 1904 served as the official winter residence of Russian emperors. Due to the richness and diversity of architectural and sculptural decoration, the palace has no equal in St. Petersburg. Italian architect B. F. Rastrelli in 1754 began to erect this grandiose structure in the style of lush baroque with elements of French rococo in the interiors for the Empress Elizabeth, but the end of construction was during the reign of Catherine II. In the completed palace there were more than 1000 rooms, 117 staircases, almost two thousand windows and doors.
Later on the Palace Embankment was erected a special building for the storage of Catherine the Great works of art - the Small Hermitage. Then the buildings of the Old Hermitage and the Hermitage Theater were successively attached to Zimniy. In the XIX century. On Millionnaya street erected the building of the New Hermitage. Thus, the Winterundefined The palace became the center of a vast palace complex. The interiors of the palace were repeatedly altered, only the front Jordanian staircase was preserved from the original design. Through her on the Feast of Baptism members of the imperial family and the higher clergy went out to perform the rite of the water consecration to the "Jordan" - a hole in the ice of the Neva.

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