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Zoo in St. Petersburg

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Zoo in St. Petersburg

The Leningrad Zoo is a wonderful place in all respects. Take at least its name - is in the city of St. Petersburg, and is called for some reason Leningrad. But first things first.
The zoo in St. Petersburg was opened in 1865 as a private menagerie. But little is known about his fate before the Great Patriotic War, since in 1940 the entire archive of the zoo was destroyed.
Leningrad Zoo is one of the smallest in area in Russia, but here in good conditions there are almost 2500 representatives of the animal world belonging to 500 species. Among the animals there are even long-livers: moose, deer of David, giraffes, bison, wormhole goat, boar, saimiri, Japanese macaques, condor, black storks and some other animals. One of the largest departments of the zoo is the department of ornithology. It contains about 150 species of birds, of which 18 species are included in the Red Book of IUCN.
Most visitors to the zoo like to admire the magnificent predatory animals, among whichundefined African lion, Ussuri tigers, jaguar, snow leopard, puma, European lynx, famous pair of white bears Menshikov and Uslad, wolves and brown bear. No less interesting are the so-called "small predators", for example, raccoons, wolverines, sables, stone and forest martens, caresses, American mink.

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